5 things to keep in mind while designing an Interior Design Website

Last updated on March 16th, 2018 at 02:15 am

Interior design is making the best possible use of the available space and the same must be applied to your Interior Design Website. When you are having a website i.e. messy as well as unprofessional, then how can your clients trust you to design their home? For a creative interior designer both of his work and website are important. A website is like an album of a designer which is the projection of his work and possibilities. So, an Interior Design Website should be user-friendly, visually appealing and inspiring as possible.

Are you an Interior Designer and planning to design your own site? Then follow these 5 practices that will help you to impress more clients.

1.‘About Us’ Page

The utmost logic of getting your client is selling yourself. In Interior Designing profession, always you have to face the clients in professional as well as personal manner. Clients are looking to hire someone they will enjoy spending time with. It’s not sufficient to talk about your work accomplishments only but also add your personal interests, mention your family or a funny anecdote that brought you to this profession. Always try to place a picture of yourself along with your bio.


Portfolio is really important for your site. Portfolio is the entire showcase of your creations. So, it’s time to show all your hard work that to create a trust among your clients. The best portfolios are organized by style (modern, traditional, commercial, showcase, etc.). It will make easy for your clients to find out your creations according to their taste. The content of your portfolio is also equally important. Describe each piece of your work, so that your text will showcase your personality as well as it will be an excellent opportunity to prove yourself to your clients.


Specify the services you provide whether it’s a full service design or space planning or renovations etc. Actually, not all clients are looking for a full-blown makeover for their home. So your services must be met with your clients’ expectation.


Credibility is one of the biggest asset for any website. For a new customer, trust must be there and trust comes with credibility. How can new visitors to your site trust that you will do a good job? So testimonial is important. Your best salesman is a past client. Get a few sentences from clients sharing their experience with you and add them to your site. Any positive things covered in magazines or blogs can be shared as testimonials.


The first law of decorating your site is not to over design. Over design may distract your client. Always choose a solid background color for your brand. Don’t use distracting wallpapers or images because you should want clients to focus on your designs only. The structure of your site is very important. Keep your navigation minimal and use drop-down menus to direct visitors to additional pages on your site only if necessary. All you need in your top navigation is Home, About, Design Services, Portfolio, Testimonials, and Contact. Try to make a good impression with a well-structured homepage. Always maintain a balance between your site fonts and images you are using. Don’t use over decorative fonts and always feature high-quality images from your work.

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